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Media Conference on Natural Immunity | Ivermectin & Other Treatment Options | Mandatory Hotel Quarantine | Health, Wellness & Boosting Immunity | Government Vaccination Program | Adverse Effects | Informed Consent

Anthony Peets

EPISODE 10 | “Cognitive Dissonance” | Anthony Peets | Developing the psyche of young people and the utilization of an eclectic therapeutic approach in building cognition,

Dr Stillman

EPISODE 9 | “Frontline Physicians” | Dr. Leland Stillman | Developing a comprehensive plan to restore and optimize one’s health, using the most scientifically advanced diagnostics and therapeutics available.

Dr Kuni Frith

EPISODE 7 | “Investing in Our Health” | Dr. Kuni Frith | How we can live healthy lifestyles and use natural herbs and ancient modalities to heal us.

Michael Watson

EPISODE 6 | “Mind & Body are One” | Michael Watson | Using meditation and focus to achieve optimal healing and autoimmunity.

Dr Cann

EPISODE 3 | “The Art of Observation” | Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann | Health care solutions for the pandemic using acupuncture and oriental approach to medicine.

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