Cast Biographies

Eugene Dean

Producer & Host

Eugene Dean is a life-long community activist who has applied his trouble-shooting skills in computer science to the physical infrastructure of social enterprise. Eugene uses the creative license of the media and entertainment industry to connect “public interest” with the “public square”. As the founder of the Emperial Group, Eugene created an umbrella concept of service and collective effort based on “meeting the needs of the people”. Throughout this process of trouble-shooting, Eugene has evolved as a trusted, reliable and accessible presence in the community. He has been sought after to represent numerous grassroots, national and international initiatives publicly and brings these same skill sets to the emerging requirements of the non- profit arena as the longest-serving member of Greenrock and current Chairman of the Executive Board. Eugene has developed this television series in response to loud cries from the community for more balance and inclusion from the media.  As a result, viewers can anticipate a program that encourages objective conversations, shares real-life experiences and provides tangible solutions that reflect the diversity present in communities all around the world.

Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann

Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann, B.Sc., OBT. HHP, MTOM, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MMQ, OMD, is a licensed Board Certified Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist with over 25 years of clinical experience. He is Bermuda’s foremost pioneer in introducing Bermuda to Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Tai-Ji, and the specialized Asian health-preserving Art of Qi Gong (chi-kung). Sifu, as he is respectfully addressed by his patients, is nationally certified and designated a “Diplomate” in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). He has trained in China, Cypress, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. He is also a graduate of (PCOM), Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA., which is recognized as “The Harvard” of Acupuncture/Oriental Medical colleges in the USA. His internship included clinical rounds at a Western Medical Center, a Hospice Center, and an Olympic Training Center treating elite athletes.

Sophia Cannonier

Sophia holds internationally-recognized and accredited certifications in the areas of yoga, prenatal yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, and the Feldenkrais method. By applying this formal knowledge and combining it with aerial performance training, she has developed comprehensive aerial arts programs in pole fitness, lyra, silks, and aerial yoga. Sophia’s success comes from her training and experience in multiple disciplines, giving her an unparalleled knowledge of how the body moves, strengthens and heals. In addition to being a multi-certified trainer, Sophia is also a past and present performer in aerial arts, dance and pole fitness.

Dr. Henry Dowling

In 2002, Dr. Henry S. Dowling, MD, and his wife, Dr. Laura S. Dowling, DC, opened Bermuda’s first integrated health practice, Associates in Integrated Health (AIIH).  Dr. Henry Dowling specialises in family-based medical care with a focus on internal medicine, pediatrics, prenatal care and geriatrics. In 2018, Dr. Dowling became the first Bermudian physician to introduce a new healthcare model, Direct Primary Care (DPC), to the island. Direct Primary Care is a membership-based health care model for 24-hour direct physician access, inclusive of virtual medicine.  Dr. Dowling prides himself in compassionate care and friendly customer service where he takes the time to listen and care for each patient as a whole person rather than attempting to fix a list of their problems. He explained that integrated care is the keystone to his practice, and this holistic approach has continued to yield great results.”

Melanie Dupres

Early on in life, Mel realised that her calling is to help herself and others to be healthy, happy and free – this is her passion.  In 1998 Mel completed her studies in homeopathy and continues to enjoy practicing to this day. In 2005, when she made her way to West Africa to head a homeopathic charity. This experience was deeply awakening and influences much of her approach to life and how she sees the world.  During a trip of discovery to India, Mel practiced yoga daily.  This sparked her desire to teach, and she completed her yoga training in 2011. Yoga, homeopathy and Mel’s practice of reiki all complement each other beautifully, giving her clients the opportunity to transcend illness and transform into a state of well-being in a profound way. This allows Mel to bring a dynamic approach to caring for those willing to embark on a healing journey.

Dr. Amani Flood

Dr. Amani Flood, ND received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014 and has practiced in Bermuda since 2015.  She is a licensed healthcare practitioner in the state of California, USA.  “I am firm believer in the power of natural medicine and I support the rights of patients to choose alternative medicine without repercussions.”   In the fight against the global pandemic, Dr. Flood advocates for a broader and more open conversation on prevention and treatment options that follow the science as it emerges.  As founder of the Bermuda Ivermectin Resources and Advocacy group, she particularly advocates for the recognition of Ivermectin therapy as a valid and highly effective treatment and preventative choice.

Dr. Kuni Frith

Kuni Frith is a practicing Classical Traditional Naturopath who studies the medicinal properties and uses of herbs and plants.  She was raised on the traditions of Bermudian folk medicine by her mother Mrs. Marie Richardson.  Kuni earned her BA degree in Counselling Psychology and Holistic Studies from Vermont College of Norwich University in Montpelier Vermont.  She later obtained the degree of Doctor of Naturopathy for Health Care Professionals from Clayton College of Natural Health with honours.  She is certified in auricular acupuncture and is a clinically certified hypnotherapist and Master Reiki practitioner.  She has worked as consulting naturopath for Dr. Femi Bada, and in 2013 she completed certification in the Clinical Nutrition Education Programme from the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine.  As a Tradition Bearer, Kuni leads herb tours, enjoys baking, cooking, gardening, and being a lifelong student of the herb and plant kingdom.

Dr. Amne Osseyran

Dr. Osseyran is a key consultant in Bermuda’s effort to contain and treat the global COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a General Practitioner at Island Health Services in St. George’s. She is also a single mother of four, a former dancer who achieved professional-level proficiency, a Berkeleyite who finished at the top of her class every year she attended the institution and a fully qualified physician of clinical forensic medicine.  She attended the University of East London, where she earned a BSc with Honours in Forensic Science in 2002.

Ayesha Peets Talbot

Dr. Peets Talbot is a co-founder and medical director of Ocean Rock Wellness. She became passionate about treating the root cause of illness after seeing patients suffer with unexpected or premature medical complications. She understands that to improve one’s health you have to go beyond conventional therapies. Dr. Peets Talbot was the first physician in Bermuda to be trained in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Using a Functional Medicine approach she helps people achieve and maintain their optimal health, from birth to beyond. She believes that a healthcare approach that recognizes that healthy living is a balance between wellness of the mind, body and spirit is the key. Dr. Peets Talbot also wants people to know they can be their own health hero, and with the right guidance and education, unlock their own health solutions. Dr. Peets Talbot enjoys practicing yoga, dancing and spending time with her three beautiful girls.

Dr. Leland Stillman

Leland Stillman became a doctor to help people achieve their highest potential. Whether you are struggling with a chronic illness or are seeking the next level of performance in your work, your relationships, or your vocations, he can help you achieve the excellent health that you desire and deserve. You probably realize that modern medicine is focused on “treatments” rather than “cures.” He has little interest in “treating” disease – he is determined to cure disease. Hippocrates, one of history’s greatest physicians, said, “The physician treats, but nature cures.” And Dr Stillman also believes this is possible, even in seemingly, “incurable,” cases. This is why, after completing medical school and specializing in Internal Medicine, he chose to study natural and functional medicine. When he work with his patients, he develops a comprehensive plan to restore and optimize one’s health, using the most scientifically advanced diagnostics and therapeutics available, alongside ancient healing practices that have stood the test of time.

Michael Watson

Michael Watson is a certified Anatomy Trains® educator, Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner and esteemed movement specialist. His 23 years of experience in sports science, Structural Integration, Pilates and Yoga have taken him from Bali to Budapest. Each year, he teaches the interconnectedness of movement and health across the world. Beyond Yoga, Pilates and ATSI teaching certifications,  Michael leads advanced training programs, retreats and clinics worldwide.  He has worked with athletes with disabilities at the Paralympic level of training and continues to develop ideas that bring an integrated approach to health, movement and wellness.  As a certified teacher of  Yoga, Pilates, functional anatomy and with a degree in Sports science, Michael brings an in-depth awareness to his clients based on a strong understanding of anatomy, the body and its function.

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