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Beyond the Pandemic is an eye-opening series designed to break the silence, reveal true stories, and share solutions to help us get beyond the pandemic.

The production of the series is a grassroots response to loud cries from the community for more balance and inclusion from mainstream media regarding all conversations about the pandemic.  As a result, the series we are producing will encourage objective conversations, share real-life experiences and provide tangible solutions that reflect the diversity present in communities all around the world.

The Emperial Group, Crimson Multimedia, and our in-studio guests have all leveraged the resources we have to get the program started.  We appreciate all the contributions and in-kind service that we have received to date and, now that we’ve started, we hope that you can help keep us going strong.  This project requires production, post-production, graphic design, web development,  social media, public relations, marketing, promotion, etc… and the more support we receive the more we can do.

Our first set of episodes all feature health professionals, next we will be speaking to representatives from the private sector and then we hope to engage with individuals who can share insights on the impact of the pandemic in our communities.  Help us bring balance to the conversation, relief to those who feel powerless, and a variety of homegrown solutions that respect our differences and meet our varying needs.  We really appreciate you taking the time to consider our efforts and hope that you can find the means to support our project.  Thank you in advance for your kindness.  We hope that you enjoy our shows.

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If you agree that "It's Time" for a broader perspective, please consider joining with us to make a positive impact on the public debate.

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