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SPECIAL FEATURE | The CAST holds the view that many of the potentially excessive pandemic protocols that have been implemented may have caused injury to a wider cross-section of individuals and businesses than was absolutely necessary.

Jane Orient

Jane Orient is the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and has been in solo practice of general internal medicine since 1981,

Back to School

Episode 10 | Us For Them | Clare Panchaud was a part of the Us For Them contingent that had an opportunity to meet with the Health Minister, the Chief Medical Officer and a few Public Health Officials from Bermuda about school regulations that continue to require children to be masked all day at school.

Christina Parks

SERIES 1 | EPISODE 14 | “MAKING THE CASE” | Dr. Parks has been in the spotlight recently for her outspoken criticism of the misinformation campaign regarding treatments for Covid-10, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Panel Discussion

Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion. A group of world-renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.

Follow the Science

Medical Radio | SPECIAL FEATURE | JANUARY 15, 2022 | This episode of Medical Radio on Magic 102.7 was hosted by Dr. Henry Dowling on Saturday, January 15th, 2022. The radio broadcast includes co-host Ryan and in-studio guest Eugene Dean who is asked to give an update on matters pertaining to the global pandemic.

Mary Bowden

SERIES 1 | EPISODE 13 | “PATIENTS FIRST” | Dr. Mary Bowden, MD is a board-certified Otolaryngologist and Sleep Medicine specialist in Houston, TX who is a strong advocate for price transparency in healthcare.

Eugene Dean Update

THE DAILY HOUR | Hosts Jamel Hartman and Sherri Vanderpool discuss the harsh realities associated with the pandemic and the way the governments, health authorities, and the media are handling it around the world.

Tauria Raynor

SERIES 2 | EPISODE 8 | LIVE FROM ENGLAND | Tauria Raynor is a former reporter who has worked for the Royal Gazette, InterIsland Communication, and BBC. She is a Bermudian currently residing in London, United Kingdom.

Karen Kingston

SERIES 1 | EPISODE 12 | “PROOF IN THE PATENTS” | A former Pfizer employee is blowing the whistle on her former employer. Kingston is currently a pharmaceutical marketing expert and biotech analyst. When she scrutinized the full FDA approval for COMIRNATY, she found blatant fraud in Pfizer’s clinical studies.

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